Oil burner components

  • What is at the heart of an oil burner?

    Just as no human being can function without his or her body parts working properly, so it is with an oil burner’s vital operations. 

    Danfoss oil burners have a complete range of components for monitoring and controlling oil burners in domestic applications. Explore the different components and see how they work by watching the video.

  • Regular service gives you:

    ✓   4-10% less oil usages 
    ✓   Money savings 
    ✓   Minimal pollution 
    ✓   Longer burner life 
    ✓   Less breakdowns 
    ✓   Greener heating 
    ✓   More heat longer

  • 3-step checklist:

    Maximize savings and minimize risk by performing these steps at least once yearly:

    1. Replace oil nozzle;

    2. Replace main filter and pump filter;

    3. Clean and fine-tune components.

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