What can a single heat pump do for you?

  • Heating your house

    A heat pump is one of the most cost-efficient solutions for all your indoor heating needs. Using stored solar energy is also environmentally friendly.

    Water is the most common distribution medium in the European heating systems. Such system is based on radiators and hydronic floor heating. The output temperature of the water distribution system is usually 30-35 °C at floor heating and 45-55°C at radiators.

  • Heating

    Floor heating or radiators?

  • Hot water

    Your benefit is 150 % quicker recharge

  • Hot water comfort

    Danfoss has developed a technology that produces huge amounts of hot water fast without consuming extra energy. 

    The technology is builded on an efficient heat transfer and the water in the immersion heater is separated in different layers. The technology is called TWS (tap water stratification / patented) and provides the best hot water production on the market. 

    TWS equipped pumps deliver a lot of hot water quickly, whilst still maintaining its excellent efficiency.

  • Cooling your house

    With all heat pumps, except air source heat pumps at this present time, it is possible to cool the building with passive cooling at a very low cost. And this is because a passive cooling requires no more energy than a pair of light bulbs. 

    Should passive cooling not be sufficient then Danfoss heat pumps are able to produce extra, active cooling by using the compressor, which can be more efficient than other systems on the market which use separate cooling units.

  • Cooling

    Perfect indoor climate all year round

  • Summer

    Cooling from the ground

  • Winter

    Heating from the ground

  • Passive cooling or active cooling?

    Passive cooling

    In our modern well insulated buildings of today the summer months can become very uncomfortable, whilst air conditioning can offer a solution to this, heat pumps are able to offer a far more cost effective, clean and renewable energy option to solving the problem. By circulating the liquid in the ground loop, passive cooling is created at a cost equivalent to the energy consumption of a couple of light bulbs. This method of passive cooling can be used with all Danfoss heat pumps, except for air source heat pumps and requires the addition of an extra accessory to the system of a passive cooling module.

    Active cooling

    For most applications passive cooling is normally sufficient, however should extra cooling be required it can be actively produced by using the compressor within the heat pump, although not a cost effective as passive cooling this method will produce cooling much more efficiently than traditional air conditioning systems. For a system to produce active cooling it will require an extra accessory in the form of a cooling module (passive/active).

    The distribution system for cooling can be the radiator system (fan coils units) or under floor heating systems.















  • Heat your swimming pool

    If you want an energy-efficient way to heat your swimming pool, consider using a heat pump.

    You bought your pool for a number of reasons like family fun, exercise, entertaining and possibly even therapeutic reasons. However, you have probably found that without heating your pool is often too cold to enjoy, especially in spring and autumn. 

    Heating your pool will allow you to enjoy it all season, perhaps all year round, thereby increasing the return on your sizable investment.

  • Pool

    If you want an energy-efficient way to heat your swimming pool, consider using a heat pump.

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