Need a new thermostat?

  • Save up to 23% on energy in a smart way

    Our living by Danfoss heating control range makes home comfort much more convenient while drastically reducing your energy consumption and cost. Due to the unique energy efficiency and easy maintanance, the smart thermostat technology of living by Danfoss helps you to save up to 23% of the energy used for heating (normally, two thirds of the total heating bill goes for space heating). 

    You can start saving up to 23% on energy, today, by simply: 

    1. Replacing your old radiator thermostats (15 years old) with living by Danfoss smart thermostat technology;

    2. Keeping the same comfortable temperature control you had set before switching to living by Danfoss thermostats;

    3. Reducing the temperature to 17° C when away at work or sleeping, and selecting “Away/Vacation” mode if you’re away for extended periods of time;

    4. Making sure to have closed doors between the rooms of your home, if you set different temperatures.  


  • Heat consumption - a crucial problem for humanity

    Saving money isn’t the only reason to improve your energy efficiency. Energy consumption affects us all and it is a thread to sustainable living. Check how our use of energy is growing at an alarming rate and find out why optimizing your home thermostats is more crucial than ever.

  • Did you know?

    Double savings

    living by Danfoss can save you up to 46% in energy efficiency when you choose them to replace your manual valves. Now that’s a smart home system worth investing in!

    Wireless freedom

    living connect® thermostats and Danfoss Link ™ CC work wirelessly throughout your home. It provides you with full flexibility to control the heat from one central panel, or room by room. For your easier choice.

    Award-winning innovation

    Via living by Danfoss, you choose a renewed design which has received the prestigious 'Red Dot' award. You can also receive A+ eu.bac certified energy efficiency with living connect® – the first electronic thermostat  in its class to receive such a high rating.

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    Where to buy Danfoss Heating Solutions products?

    We market our heating solution products across the world. For specific information on prices and installation costs, please contact your local installer.

    If you wish to contact Danfoss, please go to your local Danfoss site. You find it by clicking on 'Danfoss Group Global' at the very top of this page.

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