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    • Home heating of tomorrow

      Simple, efficient and remote 

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    • Heat pumps

      Meet your new energy supplier

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    • Floor heating

      Comfort, a lower heating bill
      - and much more...

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    • 357x142_HOME_Radiator_Thermostats

      Radiator thermostats

      +80 years of experience for improving your daily life. Explore our range of  mechanical thermostats.

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    • 357x142_danfoss_link_app

      Danfoss Link™ App

      The new Danfoss Link™ App enables you to control your home heating from anywhere via the smartphone or tablet.

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    • 357x142_HOME_Floor_Heating_Hydronic

      Floor heating

      Would you like to experience a comfortable warm floor? Explore the area, which will introduce you to water-based floor heating from Danfoss.

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  • Case: Eco-friendly house - heat pump technology

    Get inspired by a case from Poland where a family has built an eco-friendly house, using Danfoss heat pump technology.

  • living by Danfoss

    Save 23% on your heating consumption with our complete product range of electronic thermostats.

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