• Questions about service & support

    I cannot find any prices? What do your products cost?

    Danfoss distributes products through wholesalers and installers. Please contact your local installer to ask for prices on Danfoss products. Installers can also help you with any questions regarding installation costs.

    I have installed Danfoss products in my home and have problems with the installation.

    Danfoss markets products through wholesalers and installers. Please contact your preferred installer for advice on your heating installation. You need a professional to help you get things right.

  • Questions about living by Danfoss thermostats

    Where can I buy the new living by Danfoss radiator thermostats?

    Danfoss is a well-known brand available from all professional installers. Please contact your local installer to learn more about, and order Danfoss thermostats. 

    Can I install the radiator thermostats myself?

    Danfoss recommends you contact a professional installer.  A professional installer can advise you on replacing radiator thermostats and choosing the correct thermostats for your house and your needs. A professional installer can also advise you about optimising your heating system in other respects.

    What is the difference between a manual radiator valve and a thermostatic radiator valve?

    The manual radiator valve does not open or close by itself and it does not use the advantage of free heat. A thermostatic radiator valve automatically regulates the room temperature and uses the advantage of free heat. If you replace manual radiator valves with the new electronic living eco or living connect, you can save up to 46% energy. If you replace thermostatic radiator valves, you can save up to 23% energy.   

    What is the price of the new living by Danfoss radiator thermostats?

    Please contact your local installer to enquire about prices in your area.

    What is the difference between the current range of Danfoss thermostats and the new living by Danfoss radiator thermostats?

    Regular Danfoss thermostats use liquid or gas to regulate their valves – they operate mechanically. living design also operates mechanically, whereas living eco and living connect use a motor and electronics. This ensures more precise regulation and the possibility to create programs with set-back periods – thereby ensuring energy savings.

    Can my old radiator thermostats be replaced – just like that?

    Yes, we recommend the new living by Danfoss radiator thermostats for all types of flats and single-family houses as the new thermostats provide you with an optimised energy use. living design, living eco and living connect fit on the most common valve types: RA and M30. living eco and living connect can even be mounted on very old types of valves (called RA/V or RA/VL), but Danfoss recommend you replace these old valves with Danfoss RA valves with pre-setting for even better energy optimisation. Your professional installer can advise you about radiator thermostats and radiator valves. 

    The new living by Danfoss product family consists of living design, living eco and Danfoss Link+living connect. But which product should I choose?

    You probably have different needs, preferences and lifestyle from those of your neighbours. This is exactly why we are introducing a product family for you to choose from. If you want total convenience and easy access to energy savings, or you are passionate about new technology, you should choose Danfoss Link + living connect. However, living eco is the right choice if you are looking for an intelligent means to control your heating in the most cost-effective way with the shortest payback time. If you prefer using your radiator thermostat like you used your old one, and are simply keen on aesthetics, living design is ideal.

    Why should I replace my old radiator thermostats? They are doing fine.

    On your old radiator thermostat, you can not see if it is controlling accurately. Old radiator thermostats typically have a wear-out effect, meaning that their reaction slows down and they become less precise over time. One consequence of this is wasted energy. Radiator thermostats older than 15 years always have a certain wear-out effect. On the other hand, living eco and Danfoss Link + living connect have functionalities you do not find on traditional radiator thermostats.

    How can it be that when I compare the temperature on the living thermostat display with another thermometer in the room, they do not always read the same?

    A number of factors in the heating system and the room can influence the thermometer readings, e.g. the size of the radiators, if the living thermostat is mounted horizontally or vertically, if cold drafts from windows occurs, how the furniture is arranged, etc. Or the temperature difference can simply be caused by thermometers being inaccurate and having different positions in the room.

    Make sure your furniture are not preventing the radiator heat to circulate in the room and try to place your thermometer close to the living thermostat.

    How can I tell which version number my living eco has?

    The version or model number of your living eco is printed on the inside of the battery cover.

    The newest version is called 1.24.

  • Questions about electronic room thermostats

    Do Danfoss programmers automatically swap between winter and British summer time?

    No. As a general rule pressing the plus (+) or minus (-) button will toggle between winter and British summer time.

    Please refer to the user instructions for your specific model.

    I can set my 103E5 (GP Timeswitch) and go through all the functions but it still does not work. What does this mean?

    If the programmer is failing to work there is no mains power getting to the unit. Check the mains power supply.

    I have a 103E7 / 102E7 but the instructions on your web site do not correspond?

    There are older versions of the 103E7 and 102E7 (purchased before 1994) which pre-date the instructions on the website.

    Is it possible for wireless thermostats to interfere with each other?

    No. These devices use unique identity coded radio signals that ensure secure communications.

    Where can I get a replacement slider switch for the 922?

    Replacement slider switches for the 922 are not available. A direct plug-in replacement for the 922 and 972 is the FP975.

    The battery symbol on my FP715, CP715, TS715, 103E7, FP975 is flashing.

    For these models of programmers, the battery is used as a back-up power reserve to hold the programmed settings during a power-cut. If the battery symbol is flashing then this means that the mains power is not getting to the unit. You will need to check the mains power supply to the unit. The battery is non-replaceable as it is soldered into the unit.

    Where can I get a replacement battery for a 702?

    The battery in the 702 programmer is only used to hold the programmed settings during a power-cut. If there is a power-cut you will have to re-programme the unit. The Varta 600DK battery is no longer available. Varta stopped manufacturing it 10 years ago, and we cannot source a replacement manufacturer.

    The following Danfoss controls are standard battery powered models. They all take 2 x high quality alkaline AA size batteries - TP5000, TP7000, HC6000, WP75-RF and RET-B.

    I am looking for a direct replacement control that can be simply plugged onto my existing wallplate.

    102 - direct replacement is 102E5 or 102E7
    103 - direct replacement is 103E5 or 103E7
    SET3 - direct replacement is SET3E
    SET5 - direct replacement is FP975
    3022 - direct replacement is 3022 FRU
    3060 - direct replacement is 3060 FRU
    4033 - direct replacement is 4033 FRU
    911 - direct replacement is TS715Si
    971 - direct replacement is TS715Si
    922 - direct replacement is FP975
    972 - direct replacement is FP975
    SET1 - direct replacement is SET1E
    SET2 - direct replacement is SET2E
    SET3 - direct replacement is SET3E
    SET4 - direct replacement is SET3E

  • Questions about heat pumps

    How energy efficient is a heat pump?

    Heat pump systems can be over four times as energy efficient as the most efficient gas or oil boiler. Instead of burning a fuel and producing the associated emissions, they simply move energy that already exists – stored solar energy.

    What is seasonal performance?

    Seasonal performance express the performance of a heat pump over a full year given the heating distribution system, hot water system and the actual customer demand. Proper dimensioning, installation and commissioning are needed to obtain the highest possible seasonal performance. 

    Seasonal performance is the standard measure for Danfoss heat pumps when designing and building heat pumps, as seasonal performance is the real measure of efficiency.

    How do I choose between an air source and a ground source Danfoss heat pump?

    This choice is dependent on various factors; your local authorized installer will be able to guide you through the entire process.

    Where should I put a heat pump?

    Either in your utility room or basement. You could even put it out in the garage if you so desired.

    Do they make much noise?

    No, they hum like a large refrigerator. The units we supply have had many years of research and development factored into their manufacturing, including major noise and vibration reduction.

    Can under floor heating be used with a heat pump?

    Yes, under floor heating, radiators or a mix of both can be used for heat distribution in your building. In commercial buildings, air distributed systems can be used.

    Will it provide enough hot water for baths, showers and domestic hot water?

    With the correct design and equipment, all domestic hot water requirements would be provided by the air source or ground source heat pump throughout the year.

    Will it heat a building on the coldest winter day?

    Yes. Thousands of these systems have been installed for many years in some of the most northern parts of Scandinavia, where the winters are very harsh and long. The key is the design and specification process, so the system provides enough energy for the application.

    Is it possible to connect solar panels to the system?

    Yes, of course. And there are many alternatives – from simple additions to complicated systems – that provide extra energy. Talk to your installer.

    Will my Danfoss heat pump work in combination with single room controls?

    Yes, a properly commissioned Danfoss control system will work perfectly fine with single room controls. Contact your authorized installer for assistance.

    How much does it cost to install a heat pump?

    There is no general answer to this question. The cost depends on your house, energy consumption and what features you want. Your local distributor can give you a precise quotation depending on your circumstances.

    Why should I buy a Danfoss heat pump?

    There are many manufacturers with a wide range of products available. Danfoss is the only one in the heating and refrigeration industry with 80+ years of experience and expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing heat pump systems.

    Our first heat pump with integrated hot water tank was manufactured in 1973, and we have been researching and improving our technologies ever since. Danfoss is ideally situated to provide valuable advice and information in all areas of the heat pump market, from product selection to system design and commissioning.

  • Questions about floor heating

    How does floor heating work?

    The principle of floor heating is to heat the room from below, which is an exceptionally comfortable heating method. Floor heating pipes can be embedded directly into the concrete slab (heavy/wet floor heating), or special heat distribution panels can be used (e.g. SpeedUpTM) located closer to the finished floor (light/dry floor heating).

    Please note: Up to 95% of all systems are installed as heavy floor heating. Contact your installer if you are in doubt as to whether your system has been installed as heavy or light floor heating.

    Heavy floor heating has a relatively long response time. It will generally take about 1-2 hours per adjusted degree for the system to reach the desired room temperature. On very few days in the year, typically during transitional periods, temperatures slightly over or under those set must be expected. This occurs when the weather changes faster than the controller is able to keep up, e.g. in the event of sudden periods of intense sunlight or sudden, significant drops in temperature. Light floor heating has a relatively short response time. It will generally take about 20 minutes for the system to achieve the desired room temperature for each adjusted degree.

    Can I use temperature reduction periods when I have floor heating?

    Yes, you can, as long as you keep certain things in mind.

    Heavy floor heating

    We recommend one long temperature reduction period (at least 7 hours) with a slightly lower economy temperature setting. The difference between the comfort and the economy temperature must not be more than 1-2 degrees. Lowering the temperature too much will prevent the system from reaching the low temperature and no energy saving will be achieved. If you attempt to achieve too great a reduction in temperature you risk that the heat source (e.g. boiler) will work inefficiently. This will have a negative impact on your energy consumption.

    Light floor heating

    We recommend setting a lower economy temperature for one or two extended periods. The difference between the comfort and the economy temperature must not be more than 3-4 degrees, as otherwise the system will not be able to keep up. If you attempt to achieve too great a reduction in temperature you risk that the heat source (e.g. boiler) will work inefficiently. This will have a negative impact on your energy consumption. 

    I have wireless battery room thermostats. What happens when batteries are dead?

    When the battery-operated units are close to running out of power, an alarm will be issued. The system will not “forget” anything even if a unit temporarily loses power. In the event of a battery-operated unit running completely out of power, the unit will set the room to a certain temperature before the batteries die.

    If you experience that battery life time is less than 2 years, there can be several possible causes:

    • Rechargeable batteries are being used. Solution: Switch to non-rechargeable alkaline batteries.
    • Old batteries (batteries also have an expiry date). Solution: Switch to non-rechargeable alkaline batteries.
    • Only applies to wireless systems: Unstable wireless network. Solution: Contact your installer. If the wireless network is unstable, the room device will communicate more often than normal, resulting in increased battery consumption.

    How can I save energy?

    Why maintain a high room temperature when you’re not at home? Lowering the room temperature by one degree will reduce your heating costs by approx. 5%. For this reason it makes perfect sense to use temperature setbacks. If you have hydronic floor heating, you should not lower the temperature by more than 1-2 ˚C, as the cooling/heating time is very long.

    I cannot get the right temperature?

    Room temperature too high:

    • Only applies to battery operated devices: When batteries are running low, the device will automatically set the room to a certain temperature before the batteries die. Solution: Replace the batteries
    • Someone may have set the room device too high. Solution: Reduce the room temperature
    • Strong solar gains in low energy homes. Solution: Solar screening / blinds

    Room temperature too high:

    • The heat source is providing no or insufficient heat. Solution: Check if the heat source is active and increase the supply temperature. Note: Increasing the supply temperature will make the heat source operate less energy efficient – especially a heat pump. It may also result in more fluctuating room temperatures.
    • The heat source itself is operating with an automatic temperature reduction schedule. Solution: Deactivate temperature reduction schedule on the heat source if it conflicts with the desired operation.
     • Defective circulation pump. Solution: Check the circulation pump. If necessary, contact your installer.
    • The room thermostat has been set too low. Solution: Set the thermostat to the desired temperature, at ½-degree intervals, if possible.
    • If the room has never been able to reach the desired temperature, it may be due to an incorrectly dimensioned heat emitter (too long or limited pipe circuits) or insufficient hydronic balancing (insufficient water flow to the floor heating circuit). Solution: Contact your installer

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